[slicer-devel] important: repository changes for slicer4 and slicer3.6

Steve Pieper pieper at bwh.harvard.edu
Wed Sep 22 14:50:09 EDT 2010

[Note: this is information is important for people using the slicer svn 
repositories.  I cc'd slicer-users just to be sure I catch everyone who 
is impacted - if you don't know/care what a slicer svn repository is, 
feel free to ignore this message...  Followups and future messages on 
this topic will go to slicer-devel only.]

*Summary:* there is now a Slicer4 svn repository [1] which is a copy of 
the Slicer3 trunk as of earlier today.  The Slicer3 existing trunk will 
soon be used only for slicer 3.6 maintenance purposes.

[1] http://svn.slicer.org/Slicer4

*Background:* Slicer4 [2] is a significant re-write of the user 
interface to use Qt.  Along the way, several structural improvements to 
the non-UI code are being made as well.  Until now, we had been 
maintaining the ability to build either a KWWidgets-based GUI or a 
Qt-based GUI on the same code base in the Slicer3 svn trunk.  Having 
both Slicer3 and Slicer4 both hosted in a repository named "Slicer3" has 
been, frankly, confusing.  But it was useful, since many changes 
impacted both versions.  As the code has progressed this is no longer 
needed so the two code streams will now diverge.  Essentially the 
Slicer3 code will remain  stable with the exception of fixes for the 
issues identified for fixes in the 3.6.x patch releases [3].

[2] http://www.slicer.org/slicerWiki/index.php/Slicer4
[3] http://www.slicer.org/slicerWiki/index.php/Slicer3:3.6_Final_Issues

*Changes to the Slicer3 svn*

By the end of the day today I expect to have the following layout in the 
Slicer3 svn.  Please take care to adjust your practices accordingly.

http://svn.slicer.org/Slicer3/oldtrunk - will be trunk at the time I 
make the change (this is a backup as a place to find code that was 
committed to the trunk after revision 15031 when the Slicer4 repository 
was created).

http://svn.slicer.org/Slicer3/trunk - will be a copy of 

*Nightly builds*

Recently the nightly slicer builds have been unstable because because 
they were built from the Slicer3 trunk which included both bug fixes 
intended for 3.6.x and reworked code intended for 4.  In the coming 
weeks we will be start making two sets of nightly builds: one for 
Slicer3.6.2-beta and one for Slicer4-alpha.  The "3.7" numbering from 
the current nightly builds will no longer be used.

The process for developers working on 3.6.x bug fixes should be:

- test your fixes on a checkout from the (new) Slicer3 trunk
- point users to the nightly builds for testing
- if the tests are good, merge the code to the Slicer-3-6 branch.
- if the fixes apply to slicer4, they should also be merged to the 
Slicer4 trunk


Dashboard machines should point to the Slicer3 trunk for testing Slicer3 
or to the Slicer4 trunk for testing Slicer4 (see how much more logical 
that is?).  In the coming weeks we plan to set up a new set of nightly 
builds of Slicer4 on various platforms.

*The future of the Slicer4 svn repository*

In the coming months we will be stripping away the KWWidgets code from 
slicer4 as well as the getbuildtest build system (People should already 
be using the SuperBuild approach exclusively when building slicer4). 
There will be many more exciting improvements too.  Stay tuned...

Hope this is all clear for the people who need to act on this info. 
Please send follow-up info or questions to the slicer-devel list.


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