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Tue Jan 9 20:12:07 EST 2001


This problem is a bug in Windows98SE.  It does not occur in Windows NT,
Linux, or Solaris.  It is likely that it will not happen in Windows 2000
either since this is based on Windows NT.  But I have not tested this yet.


On Tue, 9 Jan 2001, Dr.Jose Miguel Selman wrote:

In relation to the question posted by Thomas, I would like to report that I
am having the same problem. I am also using W98SE. It is not constant, and
usually starting the program again solves the problem but is very annoying.
One question. Is this program going to benefit if I start using it in a
computer with one of the new GEForce2 3D accelerated card, or the 3D
routines are handled only by the processor? I am looking for an upgrade to
my computer so I would like to optimize.


Dr. Jose M Selman
Clinica Las Condes

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