[slicer-users] DICOM files

Alexandru M. MOREGA amm at iem.pub.ro
Wed Apr 11 09:31:45 EDT 2001

Is it possible to load Dicom files?  Apparently, the 1.0.3 has no 
"dicom" button (as listed in the Tutorial).

Thank you!

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   Professor of Electrical Engineering,
   Department of Electrical Engineering,
   POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest
   313 Splaiul Independentei, 6-Bucharest, 77206
   tel: (401) 410-0400/149,839,125
   fax: (401) 410-4355
   e-mail: amm at iem.pub.ro amm at alumni.duke.edu amm at ns.ima.ro

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