[slicer-users] Reading problem

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Mon Aug 20 01:20:01 EDT 2001

If it is the visible human color data, you will not be able to read it
directly.  To read in color data, it must be interleaved (R,G,B stored at
each pixel) and the visible human data is all R pixels, then all G, then
all B.  Also, to read in color data you will need to select 3 scalar
components in the header panel.

If it is grayscale data you should be able to read it.  Perhaps you could
describe your problem to the list.


On Mon, 20 Aug 2001, Lydia Yahia-Cherif wrote:

I have a problenm in reading files of raw data with the slicer, I introduced
the header information but with no success.
Can I send you this data (its 13 files from Visible Human Data) to tell me
where is the problem??
Thanks in advance
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