[slicer-users] Linux RH 7.1

Jan Hrabe hrabe at balrog.aecom.yu.edu
Thu Oct 11 22:13:18 EDT 2001

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I just installed the latest CVS version of slicer with VTK 3.2 on
RH Linux 7.1. Perhaps others may benefit from the following
two points I had problems with:

1. VTK can now be compiled after configuring it as

configure --with-opengl --with-tkwidget --with-shared --with-tcl 
- --with-patented --with-contrib --with-local

MESA libraries seem now to be integrated into RH Linux under OpenGL
default names, hence the --with-opengl option.

2. At least on my machine where XFree86 4.0.3 is configured to use TrueType
fonts, the slicer does not display properly its buttons. The default
fonts are so huge that some buttons and/or their labels are obscured.
Since window sizes appear to be hardwired, there is no way to correct
this by resizing. I am entirely new to the slicer but it appears this
problem can be easily fixed by editing program/tcl-main/Gui.tcl (below 
line 84) to read:

# make font larger for Linux display
# Honza - don't do it, leave the font alone
if {$Gui(linux) == 1} {
     set Gui(largeFont) 0

Perhaps there is a better solution, this worked fine for me.

Thanks for a nice and useful piece of SW.

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