[slicer-users] New buttons in the user interface

Delphine Nain delfin at ai.mit.edu
Sun Nov 18 15:12:28 EST 2001

If you are using the most current slicer in CVS, then you probably noticed
some changes in the GUI interface.

1) If a module's tab is longer than what the user sees on the screen, a
slider appears on the right of the tab so the user knows to scroll
down to see the rest of the tab. To manually make that slider
appear/disappear, press the new button (it has an up/down arrow
graphics) next to the "More" menu.

2) To make the module's tab longer and "compress" the bottom frame (the
one with the picture of the a patient's head and the view commands), press
the button at the bottom left of the GUI.

Any questions/comments welcome,


On Fri, 16 Nov 2001, Lauren O'Donnell wrote:

> Volume measurement files are now written correctly (with a space between
> the label value and the volume).
> So you can go back to using just "slicer".  Post to this list with any
> other problems.
> Lauren
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