[slicer-users] image resolution

Attila Tanacs tanacs at cs.jhu.edu
Wed Nov 28 12:54:59 EST 2001

> I am visualizing CT scans using slicer but I noticed that the image even if
> they are 256x256, they are cropped and it is not possible to visualize the
> whole image. I used the zoom but it seems that it's not a problem of zooming
> but the image contents near the extremities are lost.
> Is there a way to solve the problem because it's a pity to not be able to
> use slicer because of this problem.

Move your cursor over the 3D Slicer logo, change the FOV value and
press Enter.

If you want to get a better view of 512x512 CT slices do the following.

- Set the FOV to width * pixel size.
- In the View menu, select the 1x512 option.
- Move your mouse over the 3D view window (the one with blue background,
  not over the image slices) and press the key u. This should
  bring up the vtk Interactor window where you can type in Tcl/Tk
- Type this:
  Slicer SetDrawDoubleApproach 1

You should get a better view now.

Fixing this shortcoming of slicer is in alpha test now.


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