[slicer-users] Windows Server 2008 vs XP,Vista for Slicer

Kumar devakumar.devadhas at jefferson.edu
Sun Jan 3 17:46:01 EST 2010


After looking into the Slicer community's discussion, I assume that Slicer
works well in XP,Vista and Linux compared to Windows Server 2008. I am
looking into the option of Windows Server 2008 (other than Linux, which is
suitable for Slicer and remote desktop service), because of its ability to
multi-user login and remote desktop services. Remote login to a XP or Vista
machine may not be possible, when someone else is already logged in to that
system. I am expecting the slicer community's opinion on my thought.

Post Doc Fellow
Department of Radiology and Molecular Biology
Thomas Jefferson University
Philadelphia, PA-19107

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