[slicer-users] How to get most accurate 3D volume?

swallace at nmr.mgh.harvard.edu swallace at nmr.mgh.harvard.edu
Wed Jan 6 11:45:57 EST 2010

I'm not sure what you are looking for in terms of improved accuracy, but
have a look at this newer algorithm, and give it a try:


It needs to be run in 3.5, and it does give nice results; it might help
remedy some of the smoothing issues you're are encountering.


> Hi all,
> I have created several 3D models from Labelmaps on MRI scans. The muscle I
> am tracing is small and most accurate in the coronal view, however when
> labelmap is complete the model created is poor partly because of the 5mm
> gap
> between MRIs and partly because the lofting is incorrect. I therefore have
> to make 'fat' tracings in order to make the model look and loft correctly.
> I
> also have to use Laplacian smoothing function.
> Questions:
> 1) If I trace accurately the model is full of holes and there is no
> correction function for this is there?
> 2) Which is the most accurate volume for the model (based on the 'fat'
> labelmap tracing) ie one at 5,10,20,30,40 Laplacian or Sinc? And what is
> the
> difference between Laplacian and Sinc (filter type) in 3D slicer?
> 3) In a single element model should I tick the joint smoothing box ( as
> this
> does make a differnce to the appearance ) or does this make it even less
> accurate?
> Thanks,
> Jiajia
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