[slicer-users] Scale Issues?

Justin Adams adamjust at gvsu.edu
Fri Jan 8 10:55:35 EST 2010

Was hoping that there is a ready solution to the following issue that I have run across:  

I am manually segmenting cranial spaces with dry skulls to assess volumes.  However, the volumes that I reconstruct (say endocranial space or a sinus space) and measure (in mm3) in Slicer are significantly different from expected  (based on published volumes).  For example, the frontal sinuses of one of my crania come out as around 1,600 mm3; but published values suggest that the volume should be around 4,000 mm3.  The original skulls were scanned at a 3.3mm slice width, but with 1.6mm spacing between slices to produce 1.6mm-thick slices.  The original DICOM files were loaded into ImageJ, 'black' space was cropped to reduce file size, then converted to .HDR to be loaded into Slicer for analysis.

Is it possible that my CT scans have gotten rescaled somehow and there is a correction factor I need to apply to get an accurate volume measurement?  Any assistance or advice would be appreciated, I've tried just about everything I can think of...


Justin Adams

Department of Biomedical Sciences
Grand Valley State University
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adamjust at gvsu.edu

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