[slicer-users] Scale Issues?

swallace at nmr.mgh.harvard.edu swallace at nmr.mgh.harvard.edu
Fri Jan 8 13:36:09 EST 2010

Hiya Justin-

A couple of questions:

1. What slicer version are you using?
2. What platform (mac, windows, linux)?
3. Have you tried loading the images in their native dicom format?


> Was hoping that there is a ready solution to the following issue that I
> have run across:
> I am manually segmenting cranial spaces with dry skulls to assess volumes.
>  However, the volumes that I reconstruct (say endocranial space or a sinus
> space) and measure (in mm3) in Slicer are significantly different from
> expected  (based on published volumes).  For example, the frontal sinuses
> of one of my crania come out as around 1,600 mm3; but published values
> suggest that the volume should be around 4,000 mm3.  The original skulls
> were scanned at a 3.3mm slice width, but with 1.6mm spacing between slices
> to produce 1.6mm-thick slices.  The original DICOM files were loaded into
> ImageJ, 'black' space was cropped to reduce file size, then converted to
> .HDR to be loaded into Slicer for analysis.
> Is it possible that my CT scans have gotten rescaled somehow and there is
> a correction factor I need to apply to get an accurate volume measurement?
>  Any assistance or advice would be appreciated, I've tried just about
> everything I can think of...
> Cheers
> Justin Adams
> Department of Biomedical Sciences
> Grand Valley State University
> Allendale, MI 49401
> adamjust at gvsu.edu
> and
> School of Anatomical Sciences
> University of the Witwatersrand
> 7 York Road
> Parktown
> Johannesburg, RSA  2193

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