[slicer-users] problems with colors

swallace at nmr.mgh.harvard.edu swallace at nmr.mgh.harvard.edu
Fri Jan 15 15:54:07 EST 2010

Hi Paul-

I was unable to reproduce your problem, but wanted to pass along a couple
of suggestions; try these and please let us know if they don't work.

1. In the slice viewer, click on your label map. Go to edit properties. In
the Display tab on the left hand side, make sure that your colour table of
choice is selected.

2. In the Editor module, under 'Edit Selected Label Map', make sure that
when you click on the label box (the one with the colour), it has the
correct colour table referenced (this is the 'Color Select' box).

Making sure that these things were properly selected for my colour table
got me correct results.

Please let us know if you run into more problems.


> Hello everybody,
> I use slicer since at least one year and that is a great piece of software
> even if I use just a few of all functionalities.
> However I encounter problems with color on label maps. I try to add my own
> color file in the color module and there is no problems here. Then I apply
> it to my label map in the Volumes module. Label maps are either 8bit or
> 16bit files.
> And here I have big troubles on slice layouts:
> - sometime it works,
> - sometime a few colors are false but the label name is good for these
> colors,
> - sometime I can't even manage to change the label map and put my own one,
> - when I save the scene and load it on a new computer the colors are not
> displayed and I usually can't manage to apply my own color file.
> I tried to find errors in my color file but I haven't seen any one.
> Is there any thing I may do badly?
> Has any body had such troubles and found ways to solve that? Or is it a
> known bug (I haven't seen it on mantis)?
> By the way I work on the MacOS/intel 3.4.2 release, but had troubles with
> all the releases I used.
> Thanks in advance and sorry for my poor english level.
> Paul
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