[slicer-users] Timers in Python Interactive Modules

Daniel Haehn haehn at bwh.harvard.edu
Thu Jan 21 08:35:58 EST 2010

Hi Ali,

I once used Python callbacks in connection with a vtkKWWizard.

Here is a code snippet:


or you could pass arguments

"Invoke ShowUserInterface 'test'")

ShowUserInterface is just defined in the gui class as a
normal python method.

Maybe you can use something similar in connection with a timer.


On Wed, 20 Jan 2010 20:03:40 -0500, Ali Uneri <ali.uneri at jhu.edu> wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm trying to develop a Slicer Interactive module in Python, where I
> require to perform a periodic task which will in turn update the
> module. More specifically a value is read from an external device,
> after which both the GUI and scene will need to be updated.
> I've used vtkKWTkUtilities::CreateTimerHandler in the C++
> implementation of the module, however could not use this in Python as
> (I suspect) the last argument which takes the callback method as a
> string is not recognized in Python, i.e.
> self.utility = slicer.vtkKWTkUtilities()
> self.utility.CreateTimerHandler(self.GetApplication(), self.Interval,
> self, "ProcessTimerEvents")
> Is there another way to define such callback functions in Python?
> Better yet, is there a way to generate timer events and utilize the
> GUI observers?
> Thank you,
> Ali
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