[slicer-users] problems compiling slicer 3.2 in debian

David Welch dmwelch at engineering.uiowa.edu
Thu Feb 4 16:39:39 EST 2010

I've had Slicer3 working on my system, but I needed to update to the nightly
build from release 3.4.1.  I'm building from the latest nightly build so
that I can develop some of the VMTK modules.  I've had to install KWWidgets
and Teem 1.10, reinstall VTK with TCL on, and update CMake to 2.8 and when I
tried building Slicer after all this, I got the "Can't find TCL" error.
Dominique's solution appeared to solve this, but the plot has since

Slicer MRML is complaining that there are missing VTK elements in VTKCamera.

/usr/lib/Slicer3/Slicer3/Libs/MRML/vtkMRMLCameraNode.cxx: In destructor
‘virtual vtkMRMLCameraNode::~vtkMRMLCameraNode()’:
/usr/lib/Slicer3/Slicer3/Libs/MRML/vtkMRMLCameraNode.cxx:79: error: ‘class
vtkCamera’ has no member named ‘SetUserViewTransform’
/usr/lib/Slicer3/Slicer3/Libs/MRML/vtkMRMLCameraNode.cxx: In member function
‘virtual void vtkMRMLCameraNode::ProcessMRMLEvents(vtkObject*, long unsigned
int, void*)’:
/usr/lib/Slicer3/Slicer3/Libs/MRML/vtkMRMLCameraNode.cxx:294: error: ‘class
vtkCamera’ has no member named ‘GetUserViewTransform’
/usr/lib/Slicer3/Slicer3/Libs/MRML/vtkMRMLCameraNode.cxx:298: error: ‘class
vtkCamera’ has no member named ‘SetUserViewTransform’
make[2]: *** [Libs/MRML/CMakeFiles/MRML.dir/vtkMRMLCameraNode.cxx.o] Error 1
make[1]: *** [Libs/MRML/CMakeFiles/MRML.dir/all] Error 2
make: *** [all] Error 2

Do I need to update VTK?  The error doesn't look to be caused by Slicer, but
linking between Slicer and VTK.  I don't know enough to confidently
troubleshoot this!


On Thu, Feb 4, 2010 at 12:49 PM, Steve Pieper <pieper at bwh.harvard.edu>
> Hi David -
> Have you tried version 3.4?  There are some pre-reqs:
> This does a local build, whereas Dominique's solution allows a system
install for debian (but I'm not sure that works with version 3.2...)
> -Steve
> On F/4/10 11:16 AM, David Welch wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I was having this same problem (CMake complaining that it couldn't find
>> Tcl) on a Ubuntu 9.04 and adding the solution by Dominique Belhachemi
>> fixed it for me.  Is this a bug in Slicer3/CMakeLists.txt?
>> Cheers,
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David Welch
Graduate Student
Dept. of Biomedical Engineering
University of Iowa
Lab: (319) 335-5279
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