[slicer-users] vmtkcenterlines input model loading problem

Daniel Haehn haehn at bwh.harvard.edu
Mon Feb 8 16:36:11 EST 2010

Hi Mohan,

this is a strange error. So you say when you click the model selector in
the panel "Input", it does not show the models at all? They appear in
the models module? Maybe saving the Vmtkevolutionmodel and then exiting
slicer and loading it will work? Once you are at this stage of the
processing pipeline, you only need this model to compute the


On Sat, 2010-02-06 at 14:02 +0530, Madan Rao wrote:
> Hello,
> I am using vmtkslicermodule on a sample CTA of coronaries following
> Daniel Hahn's instructions. I am able to
> work successfully upto levelsetsegmentation to generate the
> vmtkevolutionmodel.
> However, I am unable to run vmtkcenterlines because input model button
> is not able to show options.
> In the error log I find:
> ERROR: In ..\..\VTK\IO\vtkWriter.cxx, line 79
> vtkPolyDataWriter (16249D58): No input provided!
> ERROR: In ..\KWWidgets\vtkKWApplication.cxx, line 1288
> vtkSlicerApplication (06809CE0): TclTk error: invalid command name
> "vtkObj6240"
> invalid command name "vtkObj6240"
>     while executing
> "vtkObj6240 UpdateMenu"
>     (command bound to event)
> ERROR: In ..\..\..\Slicer3\Libs\vtkITK
> \vtkITKArchetypeImageSeriesReader.cxx, line 1005
> vtkITKArchetypeImageSeriesReader (0C6267A8): The subclass has not
> defined anything for ExecuteData!
> Thanks.
> AM Mohan Rao
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