[slicer-users] problem installing vmtk module on linux x86

Davide Pasini ilpaso at inwind.it
Mon Feb 15 02:11:37 EST 2010

Hi all,
I'm trying to install Vmtk Module inside slicer.
I've followed this tutorial
(http://wiki.slicer.org/slicerWiki/index.php/Modules:VMTK_in_3D_Slicer_Tutorial:_Coronary_Artery_Centerline_Extraction) but when I try to start VMTKVesselEnhancement slicer returns this error: "VmtkSlicerModule not found! PLease install the VmtkSlicerModule extension to use this module!"
My slicer version is Slicer3-3.5-alpha-2010-02-14-linux-x86 and the
modules directory is "http://ext.slicer.org/ext/trunk/10201-linux-x86/"
What could be wrong?


Davide Pasini

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