[slicer-users] R: Re: problem installing vmtk module

ilpaso at inwind.it ilpaso at inwind.it
Tue Feb 16 07:57:32 EST 2010

Hi Daniel,
I compiled slicer on my platform yesterday. The compilation success but Slicer 
doesn't start. the warning message is: "child process exited abnormally"

Is there any way to compile only the vmtk module for my platform and use the 
pre-compiled slicer version available on slicer's site?



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>Data: 16/02/2010 12.20
>A: "Davide Pasini"<ilpaso at inwind.it>
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>Ogg: Re: [slicer-users] problem installing vmtk module
>Hi Davide,
>you should build slicer according to the instructions
>As I told you, then you extend the VmtkSlicerModule extension against
>your build:
>> If you use a self-compiled version of slicer, you can build your own
>> VmtkSlicerModule:
>> 1. cd /Slicer3
>> 2. Scripts/extend.tcl Extensions/VmtkSlicerModule.s3ext
>After this, you can use the extension wizard to install the module.
>On Mon, 2010-02-15 at 19:34 +0100, Davide Pasini wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> can anyone help me to install vmtk module in slicer3?
>> My platform is ubuntu9.10 32 bit.
>> thanks
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