[slicer-users] Material assignation base on threshold

Magnotta, Vincent A vincent-magnotta at uiowa.edu
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The image based material property assignment is described in the following document


This step is described on page 57. There may be one issue with the material property assignment and this is related to changes in how ITK maps from index to physical space. If you are using a newer version of 3D Slicer this function may cause a segmentation fault. We are currently working on this and will have it fixed for the 3.6 release. In a pinch you can either download Slicer 3.2 or the stand-alone version of IA-FEMesh


I believe both of these programs were compiled before this transition in ITK.


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I read the Ia Femesh tutorial. Is  there a way to assign material property of a 3D mesh based on Hounsfield unit like in Mimics (see tutorial p. 85)?


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