[slicer-users] EM Segmentation info beyond tutorial

Madan Rao rao.lms at gmail.com
Mon Mar 22 10:52:53 EDT 2010

Hello all,

I have been trying EM Segmentation template builder for several months and
able to
generate results in many of my patients MRI/CT following instructions given
Automatic Segmentation by Sonia Pujol. Many times I had some difficulty or
which I was able to address with success.

But what I am not able to solve, in spite of spending several weeks of
trying was to
understand what steps (other than those given in tutorial) needed to
the initial segments. For example, I can get the greymatter, whitematter and
CSF in
brain images. I am not confident beyond that: how to segment a part of GM or
WM or
a Hypothalamic nucleus?

I must admit that I have some background knowledge in EM techniques and was
in coding a differential diagnosis project using Prof.Jaakkola (of CSAIL of
MIT ) Ph.D thesis.

Specifically, I want to know which images from segmentation template results
are used for
target, moving images in sub-segmenting the GM or WM.

I am enclosing segmentation result of a pt suspected cerebral edema (who had
surgery for a brain tumor in 1996).

Can anyone please help?

AM Mohan Rao
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