[slicer-users] Apply Deformable BSpline Registration tfm on other images

Dominik Meier meier at bwh.harvard.edu
Tue Apr 13 17:22:56 EDT 2010

Hi Frances

The "Harden Transform" function currently only works for linear  
(affine) transforms, not (yet) for non-rigid BSplines.
The module to use is the "Resample Scalar/DTI Volume".  Note that  
this module has been subject to changes/fixes in 3.5, so if your  
version does not what expected consider downloading the latest  
nightly build.



On Apr 13, 2010, at 5:13 PM, Frances L. kiM Pik wrote:

> Hi,
> I am trying to apply the resulting transformation matrix (.tfm)  
> from 'Deformable BSpline Registration' onto another images. I have  
> tried to do that through the Data Module with the Harden Transform  
> feature. However, the transformation does not seem to be applied.
> I am wondering if this is the correct way to use the tfm result.
> Regards,
> Frances
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