[slicer-users] how to load visible human files in slicer

Dimitrios Eftaxiopoulos eftaxiop at central.ntua.gr
Tue Apr 27 04:29:47 EDT 2010

I have used a stack of .png images from the Visible Human Project in Slicer. 
Loading them via the Volumes module is straightforward. It takes a while 
though for the process to be completed. Then you have to adjust the Display 
options and the spacing in the Info tab, in order to see them correctly. 

I have also managed to do manual segmentation on the stack and to create 

Best of luck

Στις Τρίτη 27 Απρίλιος 2010 01:14:02 Chris Gorman γράψατε:
> Hello,
> I recently downloaded the visible human dataset and wanted to know how I
> could load the images in slicer.  It has been a little while but there are
> some radiological images but the images are for the most part png images. 
> Can we load these images into slicer?  Has anyone tried these images? 
> Thanks in advance.
> Chris Gorman
> _______________________________________________

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