[slicer-users] Wrong position for DICOM image

Luo, Jiajia jiajialuo2000 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 28 15:40:03 EDT 2010

Hi Xiaodong,

Yes, the displayed axial orientation is different from the original image.

If I choose 'Ignore File orientation', the displayed image is totally wrong
(see attached image 1). I also attached the original image viewed through
RadPix (image 2).

I also tried other DICOM images which can be loaded corretly without
choosing 'Ignore File orientation' and got same wrong displayed view when
choosing 'Ignore file orientation'.  So I do not think we can check 'Ignore
File orientation' to display correct orientation.

The interesting thing is when I load the DICOM images into slicer2, I can
view the same images like through RadPix. So I exported those series DICOM
images as .nrrd and then imported into slicer3. The result was perfect.

Now, the slicer 3 makes me confused...


On Wed, Apr 28, 2010 at 9:37 AM, Tao, Xiaodong (GE, Research) <
taox at research.ge.com> wrote:

>  Hello Jiajia,
> When you say "wrong position", do you mean the images are not displayed in
> the axial orientation?
> From my looking at the header and the image you sent, the display is
> correct. The images were acquired in oblique orientation:
> (0020,0037) [102]   - Image Orientation   =
> 0.99810707569122\0.03886961564421\0.04765984416007\-0.0383889339864\0.99920278787612\-0.0109602091833
> which indicates that the slices in the DICOM series are on plane normal to
> (-0.048 0.0091, 0.9988). Since Slicer3 takes into account image
> orientation, it will display a cross section that is perpendicular to
> (0,0,1).
> If you want to see the images as acquired, you can check "Ignore File
> Orientation" before you click on "Apply".
> Hope this helps.
> Xiaodong
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>   Hi,
> I am using slicer 3.4 to add DICOM through file->add volume. The position
> of the DICOM image was wrong and I don't why (see attached picture). This is
> the first time I meet this kind of problem in Slicer 3 (slicer 2 can load
> this DICOM image). There may be something wrong with the header (attached
> header file). Can anyone help to figure out what is the problem?
> Thanks,
> Jiajia
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