[slicer-users] Slicer 3.4 version 3-23-2010- cant find Slicer3Version.txt

swallace at nmr.mgh.harvard.edu swallace at nmr.mgh.harvard.edu
Mon May 17 18:39:20 EDT 2010

I recently re-downloaded a copy of Slicer3.4 version 3-23-2010; when I
went to start it, it gives me an error message saying it cant find it's
Slicer3Version.txt file:

/Slicer3-3.4.3-2010-03-23-darwin-x86/lib/Slicer3/Slicer3Version.txt": no
such file or directory

Is there a simple fix for this? Could I copy this file from an older
version of Slicer3.4, making sure to edit for svn revision number?

Many thanks,


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