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Yanling Liu vrnova at gmail.com
Fri Jun 4 10:42:46 EDT 2010

Hello Kumar,

Please check out the image showing PET-CT visualization in Slicer.

Here are steps I performed for PET-CT visualization:

1. downsample CT volume to 256x256x369 (512x512x738 is too large in
multi-volume mode even for a 1GB video card)
2. use Slicer Resample Scalar/Vector/DWI Image module to resample PET volume
to be same size, origin, spacing with the down sampled CT volume
3. In volume rendering module, set resampled PET volume as bg volume and
down sampled CT volume as fg volume (reversed order may cause Slicer
freezing, I need to figure out why it happens)
4. change rendering technique for both bg and fg to Gradient Magnitude
Opacity Modulation
5. adjust transfer function and bg/fg ratio slider for your image.

In the sample image above, gray colors are from PET volume, all non-gray
colors are from CT volume.


On Thu, Jun 3, 2010 at 11:11 AM, Devakumar Devadhas <
Devakumar.Devadhas at jefferson.edu> wrote:

> Hi Yanling
> Here is the link for the PET-CT dataset.
> http://pubimage.hcuge.ch:8080/DATA/PROSTATIX.zip
> This is from University of Geneva website. If I have to send my own data I
> should anonimize the data, but this is already anonomized and readily
> available.
> Or you can go to http://pubimage.hcuge.ch:8080/ and choose your own PET-CT
> dataset. Most of the datasets in this site are CT and there are few PET-CT
> dataaset also. I will send the screen shots later.
> Could you please tell me some way of padding. I am familiar with
> resampling, but I have not done padding.
> Thanks
> Kumar
> ---------------------------------------------------------
> Hello Kumar,
> It is interesting that you are using CT and PET volumes with different size
> and spacing. The multi-volume module is currently under development and the
> initial goal was to compare pre and post treatment images. You could imagine
> in this case both bg and fg images will have same spacing, size, etc. While
> I am excited for the new requirement to handle images with different
> modality, size, and spacing, I'll need some time to do coding. Some screen
> shots will also help me to better understand it. At the meanwhile, you may
> able to render images if you can do some padding and resampling to PET
> dataset.
> Are you able to provide me some sample CT/PET dataset pair so I can test
> multi-volume module in development?
> Yanling
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