[slicer-users] Automated rendering using VolumeRendering Module

Yanling Liu vrnova at gmail.com
Fri Jun 18 12:13:30 EDT 2010

Hello Thomas,

VolumeRendering module uses standard vtkVolume actor for rendering. The
vtkVolume actor is connected to the 3D viewer. Whenever the 3D viewer
refreshes itself, the vtkVolume actor should be refreshed too.

Does the Slicer "rotate 3D view" check button work on your machine? That
check button will trigger automatic rotation of 3D scene which will also
rotate volume rendered in the scene.

Could it because volume rendering take long time to finish so it feels like
update happens after your script. Have you tried to increase interactive


On Fri, Jun 18, 2010 at 11:20 AM, Thomas Ballinger <tomb at bwh.harvard.edu>wrote:

> I've been using Slicer to create short videos of sometimes complex scenes.
> Of particular use has been the tcl script "SlicerSaveEachRender", but in
> order to get smoother rotations, pans and zooms I've been using python
> bindings to rotate the camera and call the tcl script SlicerSaveLargeImage
> repeatedly.  I've been calling ApplicationGUI.UpdateMain3DViewers() to
> update the scene before saving the picture, which seems like overkill, but
> has been working fine for ordinary models.  However, VolumeRendering models
> don't seem to get updated this way.  Setting camera.Modified() will update
> the view once my script stops, but not for each camera move.
> What can I call to update a rendered model after changing the camera so I
> can save the new rendered image?
> Thanks,
> Thomas Ballinger
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