[slicer-users] Slicer 2.7 Intel Mac problem

Wendy Kates kateslab at gmail.com
Thu Jun 24 12:33:24 EDT 2010


We are using slicer 2.7 down here in Syracuse, at Dr. Wendy Kates
Neuropsychiatric Imaging lab, and have a few questions pertaining to
installing it on new intel macintosh computers with leopard installed.
Previously we have gotten Slicer 3 to work on the intel macs, but when
trying to open Slicer 2.7 in the same fashion, it doesn't launch.  We are
using X11 to launch the programs, and have tried updating X11 to no avail.
We have only a very VERY basic knowledge of sourcing programs, and we're
hoping that you could give us some specific steps to complete the

We are currently using 2.7 on Dell computers with windows XP, and are
encountering an error message when we seed tracts in the DTI module.  After
hitting the seed button we get a scrolling error message which has the same
error line repeatedly, the line is:

line 407
vtkimagewriter[1c9019A0]: RecursiveWrite: Could not open file \tmp\test.0000

An additional problem we are having, which may be related to this error
message, is having the program crash after seeding 3 separate tracts.  This
doesn't occur on the Power PC G5 macintosh that we also have running the 2.7
version.  Any advice you can pass along is much appreciated.  Thanks in

Dr. Kates Neuropsychiatric Imaging Lab
c/o Chris McCarthy
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