[slicer-users] slicer error (probably user generated)

George Waldbusser waldbuss at coas.oregonstate.edu
Wed Sep 8 14:00:14 EDT 2010

Thanks for any feedback on this, I am new to the program so your 
patience is appreciated if I am missing something obvious.

I am trying to generate 3d images of marine sediment cores utilizing the 
editor to create labels for various features that are clear on the 
slices. The images are a dicom series from a toshiba machine, and I can 
load the volume and they look fine in slice view. However, once I 
generate a label map and try to edit it via per-structure volume I get 
this error message:

Type: Error
Time: 09/08/10 10:22:26
Description: ERROR: In 
c:\slicer-3-6\slicer3-lib\vtk\common\vtkDataArrayTemplate.txx, line 142
vtkShortArray (10E18168): Unable to allocate 222822400 elements of size 
2 bytes.

The color box comes up, but it will not add the label to the 
per-structure volumes list.

I have done this successfully with sample data sets, and have tried 
converting my dicom images to a .nrrd file, with the same result.

So it appears to me that there is a problem with the dicom images, at 
some level, but any other feedback would be very useful in trying to 
resolve this. I am running Vista Enterprise on a high end Sager laptop.

thanks in advance for any feedback.

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