[slicer-users] Register T1 MRI image to DTI space

András Jakab MD jakaba at med.unideb.hu
Fri Sep 17 07:44:00 EDT 2010

Hi Thomas,

We found that it is very efficient to register the skull-stripped T1 image
(brain only) with the averaged DWI images (slicer2 used to export this as
av_gradient or trace-weighted image). Although it was not evaluated in
detail, this approach seems more robust than the B0 -> T1 as that generally
enlarges the brain a little bit.

hope that helps

On Thu, Sep 16, 2010 at 4:54 PM, Thomas Ballinger <tomb at bwh.harvard.edu>wrote:

> Hello all,
> I'm wondering if anyone has a method for bringing a T1 scan into DTI space;
> probably through nonlinear registration of a T1 scan to the baseline (T2)
> scan in DTI space, but since it's DTI there's also an FA map, etc.  Is this
> something you've done with Slicer with any success?  Typically I'd register
> it to a T2, take the T2 to the baseline, and combine them to get the T1 to
> the baseline, but for this dataset we don't have T2's.
> Thomas Ballinger
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