[slicer-users] Some questions/annotations about lightbox-function

Andreas Fe andreas_fe at gmx.de
Tue Sep 28 12:41:04 EDT 2010


I want do display functional MRI data and I had some questions.

I load the structual image as BG and the activation in FG
(Volumens Module). Then I select the range of points I want do display (which
I can see in the histogramm)...

I can select to display about 12 slices at the same time, by selecting the
the view of 6x2 (lightbox)


1) how can I choose specify slices... the 1 and 10 and 20.
So every forth slices, one slice should be displayed...

Now I see only a slider? (I think the slider is for "cube" of the structural 

as my functional information come from a 64x64x23 "cube", It think it would be
nice to directly display these slices... and not the one I get from the 
structural images?
( => I think there must be an interpolation now...)

and it would also be nice to have an export function to png, eps or some other 
file format?
for the lightbox-view? (now I have to do a screenshot, and remove the orange 
box (on the top left...) by 
an image manipulation program. )

it would also be nice if I can specifiy a part of brain to display in the 
lightbox, for example the back part of the brain.

(It would be also very nice if every of these steps can be done in a batch 
mode or script... are there any plans for such kind of feature?)


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