[slicer-users] DICOM question

Andras Lasso lasso at cs.queensu.ca
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Hi Samuele,


In Slicer: load the DICOM volume, then open the Volumes module and check the
Info section. Image Spacing fields define the resolution of the image.


In general, you can find image resolution information in the following DICOM
fields :

  Pixel Spacing (0028,0030)

  Slice Thickness (0018, 0050) / Slice Location (0020,1041) / Image Position

See detailed specification in Part 3 of the DICOM standard





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Dear All,


I have a "DICOM"-question. I am not sure this is the proper mailing list

to post this question, but let me try:

how can I discover the x, y and z resolution of a DICOM?
I mean: if I am interested in discoering the distance beetween two images,

what should I do? Is it possible with 3D Slicer?






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