[slicer-users] Again about the nasal cavity reconstruction

Nicole Aucoin nicole at bwh.harvard.edu
Fri Oct 15 14:50:30 EDT 2010


I think that using the Crop Volume module will be helpful - you can 
select just the part of your volume that you want to segment, aligning 
the edges of the crop to line up with the planes that you defined.
Modules->Converters->Crop Volume
On the ROI drop down, create a new ROI node.
Set the output volume to Create a New Volume.
Show all the slices in 3D and adjust the ROI handles until the shaded 
box in the slices matches the region you wish to crop out around the 
nasal passages (you can slide the slice sliders to show different slices 
while you're adjusting the ROI box in 3D).
Click on "Do ROI Resample"

Now you can use this smaller volume as input for editing and segmentation.
You can pass it as the input to the Filtering->Threshold Image module 
which will let you set both upper and lower thresholds for the input 
volume.  You can use the Filtering->Arithmetic->Mask Image to apply this 
thresholded image as a mask to the original image (though you might have 
to save the thresholded image and reload it as a label map).

There are a number of different automated segmentation algorithms under 
Modules->Segmentation, one of them might work well for your case.


Sammy wrote:
> Dear all,
> I am still fighting against the nasal cavity reconstruction. The point 
> is that I
> tried to follow both your advice and the tutorials, but I can not do 
> everything
> as I would like to.
> The first question is: to select only the air into the nasal cavity, I 
> placed a plane
> at the inlet of the airflows (where there are the nostrils - fig. 
> inlet.png) and another
>  one at the outlet of the trachea (not sure that is the trachea, sorry!,
> fig. outlet.png)..
> Later, and that's the second question, what I would like to do is to 
> select the air
> between these 2 planes (that's to say the inside of the nasal cavity!).
> Which is the right feature that allows me to get the result I am 
> looking for??
> Is a button shown in the pictures attached or it belongs to another 
> module?
> The reason I can not succeed in doing this operation is that I try with a
> threshold, but it let me select the whole black volume, not only the 
> inside of
> the nasal cavity, between the 2 "planes" I fixed!
> Also, about the "air": I think there's a filter that helps to select 
> the black-volume,
> i.e. the air. Could you let me know its name?
> Hope you can help,
> thanks in advance,
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