[slicer-users] Problems building 3dslicer with cgwin and windowsXP

Andras Lasso lasso at cs.queensu.ca
Mon Oct 18 17:27:11 EDT 2010


I assume you have a 64-bit XP (as your compiler is in the c:/Program Files
(x86)/... directory). This configuration was not tested regularly,
especially not with VS Express.

You have two options:

-If you don't want to spend time with investigating this problem, then just
get a 32-bit WindowsXP machine with VS 2008 Professional and build Slicer on

-If you need to compile Slicer on that specific PC, or don't have access to
a 32-bit XP or VS 2008 Professional then try to find the root cause of the
issue. It might be an incorrectly installed VS, multiple installed VS,
partially installed/uninstalled VS, attempt to build as a restricted user,
etc. Start with a simpler task, e.g., VTK compilation (see instructions on
your PC at C:/cygwin/home/cvalencia/Slicer3/Slicer3-lib/VTK/README.html). If
VTK compilation fails then you have to search for the solution on CMake and
VTK forums. If VTK compilation is successful but Slicer build still fails
then you can get further help from slicer-devel mailing list.


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Hi everybody, 
I have problems building 3d Slicer, 
I downloaded the source code, cygwin, VS 2008 and everything the tutorials
and wiki said 
and when I tried to build Slicer, I had these errors  (look the attached log
I tried to find the errors with the help of the tutorials, but I couldn't.
(I turned off python, I install only VS 2008 ....) 
Any ideas? 


http://slicer-users.65878.n3.nabble.com/file/n1709117/log.txt log.txt 
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