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Curtis Lisle curtislisle at knowledgevis.com
Thu Oct 28 19:48:06 EDT 2010

Hi Aleko,

Slicer has a VolumeRendering module which, when selected, allows you to render semi-transparent volumes in the 3D viewer.  Here is a quick try at a few steps to follow: 

1. load your volume to explore into Slicer.
2. Select the VolumeRendering module
3. Find and click the Select the "Source" box, then select the volume you want to render by name. 
4. Your volume should pop up on the screen in a semi-transparent rendering at this point.  
5. To render a volume adequately usually requires adjusting the transfer function to bring out the correct features.

Adjusting the transfer function - 

6. In the top section of the GUI, the "Presets" button allows you to try several pre-defined transfer functions.  Try these as the volume will update immediately after you select a preset.   

If non of the presents display the volume the way you need, you'll have to adjust the transfer function by hand:

7.  Under the rendering box (further down on the interface), select the "Volume Property" tab. 
8.  Adjust the scalar opacity and the color by dragging the control points on the histograms to change the coloring and the transparency assigned to voxels in the source data. 

There are some more advanced options available on the Volume Rendering module, but most of the time the process above will yield good results with volumes.  I hope this helps! 


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