[slicer-users] measure of croped volume

Andriy Fedorov fedorov at bwh.harvard.edu
Sat Nov 6 18:37:46 EDT 2010


You can try to resample both of your volumes to the same reference
before extracting subvolumes. To do this, you can use "Resample
Scalar/Vector/DWI Volume" module:


As I suggested earlier, you might be able to receive a quicker and a
more complete answer to your questions if you post to slicer-users


On Tue, Nov 2, 2010 at 17:28,  <aleko at mail.com> wrote:
> Dear Andrey,
> I measure a values of two subvolumes.
> One subvolume  has been segmented from input (original DICOM) volume.
> A second subvolume has been segmented by same way (by threshold marker)
> from ROI, which
> I got by "crop volume" module (I used cubic interpolation).
> I know, that the output (croped ROI) subvolume may be non-identical to the
> input subvolume.
> Meanwhile, I get a  two different values of  subvolumes V=204 mm3 and V=174
> mm3. It's an essential one for my problem.
> Could you advise how avoid this divergence? Thank you for this matter.
> Best
> Al.

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