[slicer-users] specifically select a special part to display

An Fe andreas_fe at gmx.de
Mon Nov 29 09:34:38 EST 2010

No, the data is loaded correctly.
The Black parts come from the image was before. but when I move them
away... on the place where the image was
before there is nothing...


Am 29.11.2010 14:59, schrieb Steve Pieper:
> Perhaps your data is not being loaded right?  Do the tutorial datasets
> load correctly for you?
> -Steve
> On 11/24/2010 04:35 PM, Andreas Fe wrote:
>> maybe partly, it is an interessting function,
>> but when I move the picture inside the for example yellow box, I get
>> large
>> black parts, but I want 'only' display the part of image I would see
>> (after
>> moving) without the black parts.  because when I do a lightbox-view 3x3,
>> I would for example only look at the back part of the brain an the
>> other parts
>> of the brain aren't so useful for me. I
>> Andreas
>> Am Mittwoch, 24. November 2010, um 21:20:00 schrieb Steve Pieper:
>>> Hi Andreas -
>>> Do you mean to pan the image?  You can do that by dragging with the
>>> middle mouse button pressed.
>>> -Steve
>>> On Nov/24/10 12:04 PM, andreas_fe at gmx.de wrote:
>>>> Hello,
>>>> how can I select in the 2 dim view, for example for the lightbox
>>>> view to
>>>> display only the back part of the brain.
>>>> I can zoom in and out and sometimes I see only a part in the middel of
>>>> the brain. and at the top and bottom is something cut of. But up to
>>>> now
>>>> I wasn't able to specificly zoom in and display on the region which I
>>>> want...
>>>> How can I specifically select a special part?
>>>> Thanks
>>>> Andreas

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