[slicer-users] Model Transform with B-spline transformation

Steve Pieper pieper at bwh.harvard.edu
Mon Dec 6 10:59:16 EST 2010

Hi Peter -

You are right - we don't have a tool like that (we'll look into it).

Near term, one option to minimize artifacts would be to supersample the 
labelmap before transforming it - you should be able to do this with the 
Resample Scalar Volume module and picking a smaller pixel spacing.


On 12/06/2010 05:41 AM, Boettcher, PD Dr. Peter wrote:
> Dear All
> We use B-spline registration within Slicer for volumetric image
> registration. Everything works fine. To avoid interpolation artefacts of
> surface data on corresponding 3D-models of the volumetric data we would
> like to apply the found B-spline registration transformaiotn to the
> 3D-surface models, instead of computing the models based on the
> registered volumetric data. However it seems that Slicer doesn't apply
> the B-spline transformation to the 3D-models.
> Any suggestion would be highly appreciate!
> Regards, Peter.
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