[slicer-users] merge segmented organs

Andras Lasso lasso at cs.queensu.ca
Sat Dec 11 10:48:25 EST 2010

You can save color information (as cell or point data) in some mesh file
formats, such as VTK polydata. However, I don't think it is currently
implemented in any Slicer modules, so you would need to write a custom
module for this.




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Hi H.B.,  

That is a good question that makes sense to ask.  Unfortunately for this
request, vtk and stl format files specify geometry only.  It is up to
whatever application loads them to assign colors.  So to generate a
multi-organ scene, you will need an application, like Slicer, where each
model is read in, then assigned a different color.   If  it is more to your
needs, simple applications can be written using VTK scripts in Python or TCL
that read each model in, assign colors to each one, and open a 3D window.  I
hope this helps. 






On Dec 11, 2010, at 1:36 AM, H B wrote:

Hi all,
How could I merge all segmented organs in one vtk or stl (each segment with
its color)?
Is that possible?
Sorry for inexperience


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