[slicer-users] visible hman project

Andriy Fedorov fedorov at bwh.harvard.edu
Sun Dec 12 13:20:07 EST 2010

H B,

32bit windows is not the best platform to work with large datasets,
since you are limited to ~2GB of usable RAM. If it is an option for
you, you might have better luck with Slicer build for 64bit linux. If
not, you might try to split your dataset into smaller sections, and
work with them individually.


2010/12/12 H B <r44cd at hotmail.com>:
> Hello,
> i have download visible human data (abdom) .raw(more than 7 MB for each) and
> .png(moe than 3MB)  but i couldn't open it with slicer
> then i convert .png to gracical the size for each one more than 1.5 MB but
> also i couldn't open it with slicer.
> i try ti convert it to .vtk but it is very large for memory (i have one
> computer 1GB and another 2GB, OS vista 32bit)
> did any one succesfully open visible human data?How and in which format...
> Best Regards
>  H.B
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