[slicer-users] Dicom to analyze conversion -> orientation

pouria mojabi Pouria.Mojabi at ucsf.edu
Wed Dec 15 17:08:26 EST 2010

  Dear Experts,

Hope this email finds you all well.

I am struggling with Image Position(0020, 0032) and Image 
Orientation(0020, 0037) in Dicom images for a while now. I have two 
conversion tools that spit different results when they perform 
conversion from Dicom to Analyze image.

Debabler from LONI, outputs Analyze image in transverse unflipped 
format. [176 x 256 x 256] and the one that SPM provides gives me coronal 
unflipped with [256 x 256 x 176] being the dimension.

My Dicom's direction cosine is :
0.06     0.09     -0.12     0.03     -0.12     -0.99
and the Image position is:
-11.2     -123.2 130.29

Does slicer provide a conversion tool for regular Dicoms and Dicom mosaic?

I would really appreciate any advice on what the truth is, or better 
say, which one i should stick with. any pointers on this topic is also 
highly appreciate it. I need to understand the mechanics of such 
conversions and why orientation has a vicarious nature.

Thank you very much indeed

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