[slicer-users] robust statistics segmentation

H B r44cd at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 17 07:52:33 EST 2010

Hi slicer users,
I use robust statistics segmentation to segment some examples and it works.
but when i apply it to visible human datasets always gave me the same message in the status bar(end with error) and no any details about the error.
befor i use this segmentation, i converts the emages to grayscale,and resize it (width 40%  hight 40%).
and i open it through add volume and save it as nrrd and then i close every thing and start from begining using load scene. Then editor-> choose brush, then segmentation module -> rubost staticstics segmentation.
i try different example it works, but with visible humane datasets dosent work.
vould any one help?
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