[slicer-users] Longitudinal Lesion Comparison- 2 questions

Nicole Aucoin nicole at bwh.harvard.edu
Wed Dec 29 12:49:32 EST 2010

If you're willing to build your own version of Slicer, you can build 
your own extension using:
cd Slicer3/Scripts
./extend.tcl LesionSegmentationApplications
This will create a .zip file that you can expand in a directory that you 
add to your modules search path.

I just ran this on my 3.6 linux64 build with the --upload flag, but the 
upload is hanging. I can send you the .zip file if you wish.


sandya venugopal wrote:
> Hi all,
>          New user here. I would like to know where to find the 
> "Longitudinal Lesion Comparison" submodule as shown in the Slicer 3.6 
> tutorial: 
> http://wiki.slicer.org/slicerWiki/images/8/8c/Longitudinal_Lesion_Comparison_TutorialContest_2010.pdf
> I do not have it available on Slicer versions 3.6.1 and/or 3.6.2 
> (Windows and Linux), and cannot find it in the Extension Manager 
> either. Will I have to use version 3.6 for this or is there another 
> way to process longitudinal data sets on newer versions of Slicer? 
> Does this module use T-1 FSPGR (nrrd) format too or other imaging 
> sequences?
> Thanks,
> Sandya
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