[slicer-users] Fast Nonrigid BSpline registration Module

Ganesh Narayanasamy nganesh76 at hotmail.com
Wed May 11 15:40:08 EDT 2011

I am using the Fast Nonrigid BSpline registration Module in registering 2 images. The Info on the Fixed image: 
Dim: 384x384x64; Spacing: 1.1719x1.1719x2.5; Scalar type: int
Info on moving image:
Dim: 411x292x251; Spacing: 1.2695x1.2695x2.5; Scalar type: short

When I registered the 2 images using Fast Rigid Registration module, I got a transform which was fed into the  Fast Nonrigid BSpline registration Module as the Initial transform. This works fine as long as the Grid size <=10 and gives error when ever Grid size exceeds 10. Why is this?
Also, I want to do a multi-resolution Bspline registration... start with gridsize=5, get a Bspline transform which is fed as initial transform for a 2nd Bspline transform with gridsize=10 and so on. I have tried and it gives me an error. Is this possible?



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